Welcome to The Echo Geckos 2016 - 2017 Class Blog

Welcome to The Echo Geckos 2016 - 2017 Class Blog!

We are super excited to be an Echo Gecko and share our learning journey with you.

Here we are on our First Day in Second Grade

Coconut Song surprise for the Ender Dragons

I decided to surprise the Ender Dragons  this morning with the HS choir singing one of the kids favourite song. 

The Coconut Song

Here is the link below to watch.

Enjoy and don't eat too many coconuts!

Gardenia Bread Factory

As Grade Two continues to explore our Unit of Inquiry, ‘Sustainable Production and Consumption’, we went on a field trip today to the Gardenia bread factory in Mamplasan, Binan, Laguna which is about an hour away from school. This trip allowed students to see first-hand our unit understanding in action:  

Many different foods we eat go through several stages of production and transportation before they reach us.
What does it mean to be a responsible consumer?

Enjoy the video of our trip!

Procedural Writing in the Ender Dragons Class

This week the Ender Dragons found out about procedural writing and some of it’s features. The children had the challenging task of following a set of instructions to draw and colour their own Ender Dragon.

On Friday we took what we had learnt about following instructions and had our first go and writing instruction on how to play a game of hopscotch. The kids did an amazing job of inventing their own versions of the game and were able to use bossy verbs, gave clear steps for anyone to follow.

Please checkout our video that shows all our excellent procedural work so far.

Paper Towel Project

The Diamond Fire Balls came into to our class today and showed us how to save on using paper towels.

They even made a cool video.

Paper Towel Project

Thank you Diamond Fire Balls for sharing!